Sometimes sleep on little sleep results in a night of no dreams. This night was not one of those nights.

Scene: church? I'm not religious, so some kind of gathering? I wish I could remember what exactly, but I felt my parents there. Ok, I remember a little of what was going on. There was a magician type guy, I think maybe it was Moby from the vague visuals in my head. But now I remember well what he was doing. He picked me to watch him do a bit, where a spot of color would appear on his skin, and slowly spread out, becoming a colored patch of skin, maybe covering half his face or a hand or whatever. It was facinating, as he became more colored, it became harder and harder to see the new spots appear -- I got on my knees to look closer, I had to look away, it was messing with my mind. Everyone else looked blankly at me, I understood why, the magician had been standing with his back to the semicircle of other people. (The colored patches might have come from this Maurey Povitch episode I saw earlier this week with disfigured kids on it, one of them had a birthmark covering half her face...)

I felt woozy, had to get out and have a smoke. (IRL, I haven't smoked in a week, not since the end of finals had me up to half a pack a day, which was awful and made stopping really easy. But in this dream, I wanted a smoke.) I had put one behind my ear, which made me nervous, I had to keep my parents from seeing it, but found another cigarette in my hand as I was covering up the other, it was wierd, by the time I got to the door (it was cold outside) I had what felt like half the pack of cigs in my mouth. Still, friends already outside offered me a smoke as I made it to the steps. (so this couldn't have been school, must have been Trilogy friends from the summer.) The offer felt nice, but I was embarrased by the huge number of cigarettes in my mouth, I turned away and made to take them out and toss them in the bushes, but my first go at it I only got half of each, as in the back half of each one was still in my mouth. Finally I got rid of them, and lit up the one from behind my ear. (Continuity in a dream?!)

This chick and two of her friends exited the building while was on the stoop, I owed her five cents. She asked me to pay her back, I held out a handful of change from my pocket and asked her to take what shwe wanted, "a dime or a nickel or whatever I don't care." One of them picked out a nickel, but the main chick was poking me with some kind of stick, I couldn't figure out what was going on, but finally when the three backed off, I looked down and saw her poking the burning end of the cigarette no longer in my hand or mouth. I felt violated, but she walked away.

And that was just one dream.

In another, I was in a government institution of some sort, where a live-action Æon Flux was filming. Suddenly, we saw another Æon jump in and make some commotion in that sort of outfit &Aelig;on always wore, and jump off. Everyone went after her, looking for the imposter. One of the other acresses tried to jump over a wall but screwed up with the wire work -- it was like a movie, but without the special effects hidden. They had to help her try again.

When the impostor was finally caught, it turned into this psychologist-drama thing, kind of like Law & Order, but with psychologists, of whom I was one. The other psychologist was very cute, this was like a TV show, everyone was that way, and I wanted her, so I was very attentive and tried very hard to understand what she was saying. She first asked my opinion, and I saind the imposter was an obsessed stalker. I realize now the imposter was a heavier, greener version of Æon, like the day-and-night versions of Princess Fiona (I just saw Shrek the other night).

I think there's something wrong with me.