In-class notepage rant: Artificial Intelligence, 11 AM. Original formatting preserved, save conversion from uppercase to lowercase. Aligned with bottom-left corner, text block is 10" x 1 3/4". I took no actual notes on today's notepage, though I did jot some down on the lecture slides handout.

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wow only 10 min late
today yawn day grey
spring where have you
gone teased us with
warmth short sleeves
shorts and sandals
sunny blue sky chased
away by evil greyness
drab depressing dol-
drums defeat the spirits
lifted by yesterday sun
oh i believe in yesterday
why spring had to go i
dont know now i long
for yesterday not that
i spent much time out-
side, somehow i never
really take advantage
saturday i was going   {shift}
to bike down to visit
a friend who'd put
out his knee
and a
bunch of other frie-
nds were visiting but
hadnt called or stopped
before leaving
for kc. cyrus the one
with the knee is
pretty hard up his
senior design partner
broke his own leg
so both of them are
immobile — such
smart people actually
theyll both be at   {push} {shift}
microsoft this summer
with me if i accept
their offer i prolly
will but havent
decided for which
group fusion or
mobile services maybe
theyll hook me up
with a free cellphone
that would roq! the
ui for cellphone services
is so important — making
a service easy to use
with a tiny screen and
awkward input method
is a real challenge,
but fusion, which is
a hardcore os group
at msft would probably
be more hardcore prog-
hardcore hardcore vibes   {reduce}
repetition repetition ahh