Zeroeth, thanks must go to flamingweasel for arrangement and orchestration of this most satisfactory debauch.

First, I must thank prole for leading myself, WonkoDSane, and Unless to the Fremont Troll. More about that later, but I have a feeling she felt underappreciated about this so I thought I'd get to it first. We gave her pretty hard time along the way.

On to the narrative!

Meeting the Noders

Saturday 3 PM: So we were all to meet at the fountain, and meet we did, and impressive the fountain was. True to promises, there were kiddies frolicking in the fountain. As I approached, about 40 minutes late, I walked right past a group of noders as I headed for a bunch of jugglers, which I thought was a good sign. Ironically, one of the noders I passed was ideath, queen of the juggle from the Ohio gathering. Soon I corrected my error and made welcome with that first bunch. Names flew, right over my head, being as bad with names as I am.

Our way was made to another group of noders, and various antics ensued as bubble-making hardware was passed out. Svaha began attempting smoke bubbles, which when they pop create an enchanting "poof" of smoke effect. Some others as well as myself also tried to varied success.

Saturday 5 PM: After some logistical discussions, it was off to the monorail. Seattle's monorail has only two stops. So we got on, sat, got off at the only destination we could have: downtown Seattle and walked to Pike Place Market. We saw some flying fish (and a salmon filet was purchased to supplement the psuedocrab already on ice for late-nite autosushi activities). We splintered, promising to meed in an hour at the totem poles. Some of us had parking issues to attend to later.

Now that's what I call a sticky situation.

I began walking about with Unless and some other noders, ideath and dwyn, perhaps? It soon became clear that our object was to get lost, and we would do the opposite of any helpful directions I might give having been around the area a few time in the past. Our path took us down the deserted bit of Post Alley, to the wall of gum. Hundreds, ney, thousands of passerby had contributed the results of their obsessive mastication to this wall, and we were to be no different. Someone produced three sticks of gum, Extra Sugar Free as I recall, and with only mild reluctance chewing and sticking was the result. Not just any sticking: a bright flourescent green E2 smack at eye level. I made the '2', ideath made the 'E'. You can see it in all its glowing glory thanks to dwyn's photos:

I guided (such as it was) our motley band both to the fabled public elevator whose existence was doubted and the covenience store which sold American Spirits, the sort of place one wouldn't expect to find on the tory street of galleries and overly expensive food and clothing boutiques peppered about on 1st Ave. Eventually we got to the totem poles, not even late. Though I think we were the last to arrive.

(skipping return monorail ride, more parkbound noders) ... As ideath can attest, we got to my car the very minute my parking pass expired. I looked at the ticket, then looked at the dashboard clock to see it change to one minute past my tickets expiry.

time passes ... sit-n-spin ... drive to chez weasel as the lead car of our white/blue/red caravan (as in a bunch of cars, not the minivan) ... wonko and i fall behind (on foot, after parking) and search for the house ... meeting people ... stuff ... setting up xdvd player ... stuff ... lesbians ... ... to be filled in. Fast-forward past hours of organizing to when we actually left the house on the trip to the troll...

Trolling for Fun and Profit

We made it all the way to the end of 14th Ave W, the street on which Chez Weasel is located, before stopping to ensure all the trollers were present. Some people went back and forth a bit, and general confusion abounded, culminating in the realization that ideath had gone missing. Eventually she found herself, though no one called das weasel from chez weasel on the weaselphone to call off the ideath hunt. So we did. In the process of all this most of the trollers decided to head home. But four of us, those with the right stuff (backpack full of beer and smokes all around) braved being led by our dear drunk prole onward to the troll.

Much discussion of the path to follow occured but was mostly irrelevent. W.D.s. watered many a bush along the way. It was dark, but pretty once we could see the water and the other shore.

After crossing the Fremont bridge, we took some photos with the life-sized family statue, which had the trappings of a recent wedding all about it. Continuing down the road to Aurora, we passed a toppled concrete post. Unless and prole wanted to take it with us. WonkoDSane and I look suitably baffled, but don't stop them when they find a bit not still attatched to the ground by steel rods and unless decides to carry it off. He got it maybe a block up the Aurora hill when it was abandoned to the trip back. Of course, that trip back would not pass by the stone, but we didn't know that at the time.

But find the troll we did. And proceeded to dink and make merry on the troll. At one point the moment was very punk, as we huddled in the crook of the giant's arm and considered sleeping there for the night. WonkoD got up and went for a walk, or so we thought. After wondering aloud where he'd gone off to (we surmised it was to once again relieve the pressures of his bladder) he stepped out from behind one of the bridge supports where he'd been sitting. Prole decided she was exposing too much of herself to the cold stone (at least that's what I thought she said) and went to lay on something resembling a bench down by the road. In a bit she was accosted in a way by two drunken frat boys who asked her if she was ok. Though soon she would swear it was she who accosted them. Really though there was no accosting going on.

At one point some other seemingly drunk tourists were phoing themselves and the troll. One stuck his head up the troll's nostril for the camera. The things people do... Some of us (but not myself) even tried to pry open the engine cover of the Volkswagen Beetle cought in the troll's petrified grasp, but to no avail as the car seemed equally petrified.

We did not call on Wonko (not DSane -- the one with the WRX) to retrieve us from the troll because we were too drunk to move. We had an excellent cover story: the underweight Unless had found himself overexerted (with an oncoming cold and 26 blocks or so of walking) as did we all to a certain extent. We didn't know they'd send out someone alone who had no idea of how to get to the troll! That our thankful selves (but mostly prole) were able to guide him back to chez weasel is a testament to something. Just what I don't know, but it was truly a significant testament nonetheless.

The Rest of Sunday

When did we return? I don't remember. But we put on The Big Lebowski and were entertained. By then it was late, early, whatever, about six in the morning. we ate some bread I'd brought, drank lots of water, and began shutting down, finally. I decided my own bed sounded really good, and drove back to Bellevue.

I think these were all the movies variously watched over the course of the weekend: But I'm a Cheerleader, several episodes of Æon Flux, The Princess Bride, The Big Lebowski, and the director's commentary version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Which I actually spelled right without looking it up first!

"The Prole abides."