I'd recommend Mandrake Linux to anyone who thinks that Linux is not suitable for the desktop. If you've installed the latest RedHat distribution only to end up stuck with a broken system that's never even heard of your graphics card, then Mandrake is practically calling your name.

It autodetected all of my hardware, including a GeForce 2MX, a Soundblaster Live and a network card connected to my Cable Modem. The install process is almost as user-friendly at the Microsoft Windows equivalent. Basically, you just work through these steps:

* Select a partition to install to
* Select the target role for the system (Desktop or server)
* Select additional applications to install
* Select a printer
* Select your internet connection method

And 20 minutes later, you'll be surfing the web using Netscape or Mozilla under KDE or Gnome.

Mandrake even includes an auto-updater to keep your libraries up to date without having to get your hands dirty.

I'll admit that it's still quite easy to break your newly-installed Linux system, especially if you play around with the Mandrake control panel, but to me, the Mandrake distribution is still a major step towards making Linux a credible desktop operating system.

Hmmm... Downvotes... I guess maybe the above writeup could be considered patronizing or something, but I don't see how. After all, I am the guy who downloaded both RedHat CDs and couldn't get it to install...