There is a Bicycle Critical Mass in more than a hundred cities in the United States, and hundreds worldwide in Canada, Europe, Israel, South America, and Japan. Critical Mass rides occur simultaneously throughout the world on the last Friday of every month.

Critical Mass is wonderful in so many ways. It is a spontaneous not for profit and not for sale public event without corporate sponsorship and logos for people to enjoy themselves in the streets that were supposedly made for them, a type of event that seems to have disappeared from the American experience altogether. It is a demonstration of the utility and beauty of bikes, and a statement and protest against car culture and the havoc that basing society on the automobile has wreaked on our environment and quality of life.

Many Critical Mass demonstrations attempt to tie-up or completely paralyze traffic in the city in question. This is only fair given that in the other 99% of every month cars rule the roads and motorists play lightly with Bicyclists' safety.