Well, it has come and gone, and unfortunately, the Faux-Detroit Brooklyn Bash didn't turn out as well as we would have liked. The attendance was less than stellar, with several prominent invitees absent (ahem!) and one person who promised to deliver 'like ten people dude' bringing only one - his little sister.

Those that were there, pansy pampered used to air conditioning types that they were, generally refused to hang out in the interior living room where the booze and music were concentrated, preferring instead the breezier yet decidedly more cramped and less social kitchen, and later, the utterly silent front porch. The playlist of Detroit music that Purvis put so much effort into went largely unappreciated, and QXZ's stroke of brilliance in following up Eminem's Guilty Conscience ending shot gun blasts with Shotgun went wholly unnoticed. There wasn't too much mingling between different groups, and very little debauchery save the spilling of some stinky malt liquor on Purvis' bedroom floor.

All in all, rather disappointing.