Wow, Texas is sooooo unique!

Insularity with hints of xenophobia? In America yet, imagine that. Mistrust of a fictional yet perceived 'cultural elite' from some other part of the country that is proported to propagate vaguely threatening notions such as 'political correctness'? You don't say. A populace who is just self-conscious enough about their provinciality to take offense when mocked by outsiders? Lack of independent cinema and other 'alternative' culture in rural communities? A few sprawling and rapidly expanding urban centers that have drawn diverse immigrants in recent years? A few traditional cultural institutions of declining interest in these cities left over from an age when magnates bequeathed parts of their fortunes in the name of civic responsibility? And in the midst of it all a progressive college town with a DIY Rock scene? Now you're blowing my mind.

/ sarcasm

My friend, you have just discribed any damn place in America.