mblase says:

"It's misdirecting. Pornography represents "sex for sex's sake" or, more often, "sex for my sake", rather than sex for love's or the relationship's or the partner's sake. Sex should be about giving and taking, about intimacy and affection."

This fundamental assumption underlies many of the most common objections to pornography. However, the error here is assuming that people's personal sexual behavior should conform to a standard just because certain other people uphold that standard in their personal lives. Perhaps mblase would like his/her sex to be a certain way - about intimacy and affection and for the sake of a relationship. That is his/her right to expect and seek that fulfillment. But who is he/she to tell me, as a consenting adult, how my personal sex should be - what sort of sex I should enjoy with other consenting adults in my private life? What if I want to fuck the daylights out of someone, and that consenting adult wants to be fucked by me, with no other emotions attached, sex for sex's sake? What if that's what fulfills me at particular times?

Now, its one thing to argue against certain behaviors because those behaviors lead to social or personal pathologies. For instance, I think persons engaging in non-monogamous sexual activity should wear condoms to prevent the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancy, both of which are major social problems that I, as a member of society will share in the cost of. It is, therefore, my right to criticize unprotected sex on this basis. If mblase would like to make the argument that being sexually fulfilled in some way other than the traditionally accepted way he/she describes above leads to similar pathologies, he/she may make that argument, but as it stands, his/her argument, along with most similar sentiments against pornography, sounds something like "Pornography presents sexual fulfillment in a way other than that which I am fulfilled by or feel comfortable with, therefore I oppose it." Hardly a sound basis for an opinion, it seems to me.

This node is entitled "reasons why I hate pornography" and it would be reasonable for mblase to use the reason above as an explanation of why he/she personally doesn't like - or is uninterested by - pornography, but the inclusion of the phrase "It's misdirecting" indicates he/she is uncomfortable with other people liking pornography, and, as I hope I have argued above, this is most often not a sound sentiment.