Kingdom of Morocco

(Moroccan National Anthem):

Fountain of Freedom, Source of Light
Where sovereignty and safety meet,
Safety and sovereignty may you ever combine!
You have lived among nations with title sublime,
Filling each heart, sung by each tongue,
Your champion has risen and answered your call.
In my mouth and in my blood
Your breezes have stirred both light and fire.
Up! my brethren, strive for the highest.
We call to the world that we are here ready.
We salute as our emblem
God, Homeland, and King.

The Moroccan national anthem, “Kingdom of Morocco,” praises the wondrous country of Morocco. “Fountain of Freedom” and “Source of Light” represent Morocco’s grand condition as a truly free country. This anthem has much symbolism for the excellence of Morocco, especially to the Moroccan citizen. “Kingdom of Morocco” shows the enormous pride Moroccans feel at the sound of their anthem, with its majestic tune that resounds in the hearts of many, and its words of exuberance and pride.

The first through fourth lines of the lyrics tell of the virtue of the Moroccan nation. Sovereignty, superior excellence, and safety (from war or slavery) are combined in Morocco, making a distinguished nation of integrity and justice. The fourth line is significant to many for its informing of Morocco’s exceptional amount of moral, religious, and intellectual quality. The first few lines strike awe in the hearts of many.

The fifth through eighth lines show the absolute reverence and admiration shown by citizens of Morocco, not only of the country, but also of the nation’s anthem itself. Those lines tell of hearts of singing citizens filling to the brim with awe with their voices bursting and blood rushing with strength and fervor. These lines are significant for the way they inspire the people of Morocco, and how they make the song a reality, especially the fifth through eighth lines.

In the last four lines, the anthem calls for all to, as a salute to Morocco, to attempt to go for anything, and accomplish all that can be done. This is definitely significant, as a tool of determination for all Moroccans.

montecarlo says bear in mind that Morocco has long been an undemocratic autocracy, even if the new king is trying to introduce some measure of democracy.