I suppose I could have called this node "Everythingolution", but I'll let somebody else have the fun of coming up with a ten-words-or-less definition.

Nodes are like DNA. If they spawn more nodes, they survive; if they have what it takes to attract readers who, through a complicated sexual process, create the "spawn" nodes, then they are "successful".

This nodespawning is accomplished in many ways, including:

1. Seduction. The node can contain lots of saucy links in potentia--links that aren't filled but which look like so much fun that readers will fill them.

2. Love. The node can bring to light something really new or previously complicated that people are interested in reading about and, later on, noding about on their own.

3. Prostitution. The node can openly solicit new nodes, as in the case of Everything DataBases.

4. Dwarf-Monkey Butt-Lovin'. Sometimes, a node is so revolting or stupid that it gets thousands of spinoffs and comments--this is the NodeGods' sense of humor at work.

And lastly,

5. The Spinster Whore. Against all odds of Everything Evolution, sometimes a node which survives to successfully spawn lots of baby nodes is one that expressly spoke out AGAINST NodeSpawning. For instance, rants trying to restrict Everything to clean language or the moral right or whatever sometimes end up getting more action than nodes which openly support E2-volution. I can't tell if this is the NodeGods laughing again, or if these are simply the node-versions of those assholes we all know who get laid all the time. Maybe it's those people writing those nodes....!