I was playing pool with my friends, as was usual, at the Ball 'n' Cue on Fort Street. I turned my head to catch a line in the standard pool song that was playing, and suddenly I thought, "SEX."

I turned my head back and over again, knowing damn well I'd seen the word "sex", maybe on somebody's t-shirt or something. You don't mistake those things; "sex" is scientifically proven to be the single most powerful word in the English language (or it was ten years ago, when I read that study). Anyway, I knew it was there.

But the only thing really in my view was a 20-oz. Pepsi machine (which, of course, sold Mountain Dew and all the other varieties of colored sugar-water that we like so much), and it was all the way across the pool hall, about forty feet away.

I had to look four times, but eventually I saw it--The front of the pop machine depicted a giant picture of a giant 20-oz. of Pepsi being dropped into water, splashing everywhere. From my particular vantage point, the word "SEX" was glaringly obvious in the water-splashes: Obvious, but hard to see only because you wouldn't look for it there.

The guys a few tables over heard me excitedly explaining it to my friends, making them stand where I was and whatnot, and when it became obvious that my friends could see it too, everybody in the pool hall went cuckoo. Pretty soon nobody was playing pool; we were all standing around the Pepsi machine and showing each other how amazingly obvious the word "SEX" was, right there in the picture. Even the owner agreed that it was there and he could see it, though he was more pissed off than fascinated.

Of course, when I brought my camera and my official witnesses by two days later, the Pepsi machine had vanished, replaced by one with a Mountain Dew bottle on the front. Damn, damn, damn.