This is one of the many hilarious opinions I encountered when chance put me in a waiting room with this book somebody had left behind...a book on radical feminism. I don't remember who wrote this sucker, but it was excellent--some of the wildest fiction I have EVER read! Among the tasty, tautological, and totally trippin' tidbits I found in the book were Newton's surprising underhanded intentions to use his Principia Mathematica for evil purposes: Apparently, mathematicians are highly excitable people, and Newton, in giving them all that hot, fleshy math, was actually getting them all geared up to go rape some innocent interns. Not only THAT, but Beethoven wasn't about passion or art--it was all about rape! What we so blindly misinterpreted as lust for life in the famous Ode to Joy is actually a whole fourteen minute song about getting off. Er...oh, and somewhere in there she makes that a bad thing, but I don't remember exactly how. See, Beethoven (and all the other male classical musicians who we somehow know so much about), when he wasn't busy writing those measly symphonies about his dick, was busy arranging the whole political scene of Austria so that no woman composer, no matter how talented, would ever become famous. And, as this woman (I think her first name was Susan or something...) points out, he obviously succeeded, because obviously all women composers were far superior to Beethoven and his pithy peers.

I wish I could remember her name...I would write her a letter, offering to take up the cause on the other side. I could bring to light all those awesome male seamstresses and singers and clothes designers and whores that we've missed out on all this time.

Oh, and those of you with a classical music fetish will find this funny: This woman actually approved of Ravel's Bolero. Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha!