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It is impossible to remember why I wanted the name Titian.
Selective amnesia. It kills horrid memories most, just gives them to nothingness. There was a man I acquainted myself with. His name was Admiral Sepsis. If I'd learnt his name beforehand...well, I wouldn't be writing my memoirs in such a black mood. A lightless mood, to be nice. He used to tell me, "What is the name of that city, Hazel, dammit? Remember, where I done kidnapped you from, back in '47? Don't tell me you cain't remember your own hometown!" Then he'd usually shut up for awhile and try to smoke a little bad hash.
What is my fav'rite thing? Is that real? Anything c'n be wonderful to the
exclusion of all else. Anythin' can, when you have to pick a fav'rite or you get
a hand laid across the hot burner and then gently whispered on and wrapped in
gauze and probably all the germs are dead because the alcohol on his breath was really fucking dense. I like you. Why enjoy anythin' else, when I'm talking to you? We've managed a-lot of things right? Human beings, you know. A lot-
and ev'ryun got the same elements, but they make either beauty or shit. Hey,
don't look here, that didn't come from I! I'm just a little bit of nothin'.
Buy hey, you got any menthols?