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My only goal is to be happy with everything.
I can do anything better than you.
My House, I'm unemployed and a temporarily withdrawn student...
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I am Jenna, born and raised in Western NY by both of my parents Barb and Mark, along with countless cats and dogs along the way. I lived in Waterport and went to Albion Central School from primary through high school. I am currently living in Pittsburgh, PA with my mom (my dad passed away a couple years ago) and the pets and I plan to stay here for a while, though I do want to go back to NY eventually. After I graduated, I moved to Avoca, NY with my family and then went to college as a theatre major in Canandaigua, NY at Finger Lakes Community College. I became sick twice and I had to withdraw twice, leaving me one credit short of being a sophomore. I plan to go back to college some day once I am 100% better and majoring in nursing hopefully at University of Pittsburgh. Overall, I am goofy fun loving person and my goal in life is just to be happy, healthy, and help people and animals who need it. I love to dance, act, sing, draw, paint, play video games, and dream about buying things I cannot afford. I collect Hello Kitty and other Sanrio things. I love stars, too. Cats are my favorite animal, but I love all animals except snakes, they traumatized me. I am overly happy to be alive today. I have had a kidney disease since I was two years old and in 2003 I lost almost all of my small intestine which resulted in the need of a small intestine/ kidney transplant which I was listed for eighteen months for (I had it on December twelfth and it's working great!) I used to be more negative in life, but I should've died a million times by now and I haven’t so I must have some purpose, and no I'm not religious I have the belief that I made it though because I wanted to, the mind has great power. I am a people person and I have a few close friends. It has been hard to keep contact with people since I moved out of state. I am single right now, and I plan to stay that way just because I have too much going on health wise. If something happens, though that is cool, too. Overall in life I just want to be happy, healthy, and a nurse, maybe a transplant nurse or coordinator. I thought about doing social work, too, but I am just not so sure. I do not think I want to have any kids; maybe I will adopt one or two if I get married. Ha! I need to find a male who can handle a crazy Jenna and know that they will not control me. I guess that is it.