I went shopping in a giant grocery store with my dad, only at first I thought it was a CD store. So I went around looking for where they kept the CDs, and wondering why there were all these damn food items in the CD store. And all the time he was putting vegetables in a shopping cart.

In fact when I went and found him, having figured out that the store was in fact a grocery store, he had a cart full of what I think were kohlrabi, although they might have been fennel heads. He said we were done, but I wanted to look around some more.

Eventually I found a cloakroom somewhere in the middle of the store, and I realized I recognized all the coats hanging there -- they belonged to friends from university. I saw a few of the people who belonged to the coats wandering around, but they didn't recognize me. So I said I was ready to go home.

On the way out, we passed a bar. The bartender offered me a drink, but I didn't actually have any money. "That's okay," he said, "it's on me." But I normally don't drink alcohol before five, and it was early afternoon. So instead I woke up.