The first half of the first month of the New Year has not bee kind. The first week of the New Year, my great aunt (who give me a lot of monitary support, since I'm unemployeed and looking) got two letters from the bank. One indicated two checks, and the other indicated three checks, all which were paid despite insufficent funds in her account. Five check, and a $30 fee for each check, totaling $150. My aunt had sent these check out on the 30th of December, expecting her Social Security check to be direct deposited on the 1st. We also expected the checks to take several days to process. Instead, they were all processed on the 31st, by companies hurrying to get them all in before the end of the year, for tax reasons. Money is tight the rest of the month. On January 5th, 2003, two friends of my mother broke in the house in panic. It seems my mother had called one of them a couple times and hung up after getting plastered (again) at the local bar. My mom passed the house while we were all there two times. The second time, I was able to hop in my car, and stop her. To accomplish this feat, I had abuse a cold engine, go 40mph in a 25mph residential area, and then stop in front of my drunk driving mother in desperate game of chicken. Only after we stopped her and got her home did we find out that she tried to commit suicide. For most of the rest of the week, myself, my uncle and my grandmother worked on figuring out what we could do. We decided on having my mother involuntarly committed for psychiatric evaluation. She has since been let out. She's been ordered to go to chemical dependancy treatment, as well as to continue counciling and medication for depression. We're not done yet, kids. Tuesday, my grandfather had a appointment for a cardiologist, a regular check of his heart. After 2 more days of tests, (an angiogram, and some other tests), it was verified that he had a torn heart valve. My grandfather undergoes open-heart surgery at 7:30am to repair or replace the bad valve. Remember, this has all happened since January 1, 2003. Just 17 days (or 15, if you consider that I found out on the 15th that my grandfather needed surgery) into January, and all this has happened. I'm not sure whether to cry Oy vey iz mir or fuck me harder.