Just an additive piece about the movie Easy Rider.

It should be noted that Easy Rider gave Jack Nicolson his breakthrough role.

In addition to cocaine, marijuana and lsd were also featured in the film, possibly a few others.

Something that stands out in my mind from this movie is Jack Nicolson's character using marijuana for the first time, seeing Jack's character stand there ranting while half of his joint burns away.

I like the movie personally, especially because of the untimely demise of the two bikers is such a shocker. You see flashes of it in forshadowing visions, but I didn't connect the visions with the events until they actually happened on the screen. This is atypical from most American movies. The fact that they're killed by two stereotypical rednecks (compelete with gun racks in their pickup truck) in such a senseless way burns it into your mind very effectively.