...because it takes away time that could be spent reading the book or, better yet, living.

I see far, far too many people out there getting all revolutionary and anticonsumerist over a $20 DVD that they bought to put in their $250 DVD player and watch on their $100 TV. I mean, it was a good movie, but it missed the point. Modern culture is stupid, and people need to live, but running off in your own nihilistic power trip is not the answer. Tyler Durden, in the original, was not a Hollywood prettyboy; he spent most of the book with a ripped open cheek that looked like a second asshole. The book didn't end with the main character looking over a conquered world and sharing a big, bloody kiss with the heroine; he blew up a few buildings and wound up a schizophrenic in a mental institution. The movie, I think, missed the point for the glamour.