"I'm deeply concerned about a leader who has ignored the United Nations for all these years, refused to conform to resolution after resolution after resolution, who has weapons of mass destruction," Bush said of Hussein. "And the battlefield has now shifted to America, so there's a different dynamic than we've ever faced before."

A senior administration official said Bush in his speech will seek U.N. action—but not recommend a specific course.

"He is going to go to the U.N. and he will say that this is not just our problem, this is the world's problem," said the aide, who requested anonymity.

At the same time, the official said Bush will reserve the right to act without U.N. support or approval. "The president is also going to make very clear that the United States is not prepared to stand by and let this situation continue," the aide said.

Well, at least they're admiting their hypocrisy these days.

Today, I mourn not only those lost one year ago, but also the very, very real potential that those counted among the gone shall soon grow dramatically in number.

If you ask me, ol' Shrub could use some glasses.

Even in utopia, there's myopia.