"New Gods" by the Meat Puppets.

Appears on their album Meat Puppets II,
Track 8, 2:12. About a minute of that is the song with the lyrics below repeated twice. The rest is guitar solos and general noodling (though it is fast noodling).

One of the fast-paced songs on the album, it reveals their hardcore roots. 'Course, after the first couple of lines, the speed of the lyrics drops to a slow rate and is actually quite a nice juxtaposition of the early 80's punk music with words you can actually understand and that aren't screamed. Fun stuff.

how much do I owe you?
I'll pay but I don't want to
days of where i came from
in a resturant in mexico.
They told me not to drink the water,
and not to touch the food,
"all we got is pepsi cola
and we know that it won't hold you,
but remember what we told you:
no one else knows what's in store,
remember that we told you."

Those are the lyrics straight out of the re-release CD insert and on to your monitor. Words and music copyright Curt Kirkwood.