Getting a new computer game and a new album at the same time is my thing. I tend to play both at once for several days straight, which rapidly entrains the association DEEEP into my subconscious. Now there are several albums that conjure up images of specific games whenever I listen to them.
Whenever I listen to Play by Moby, I have mild hallucinations of Heroes of Might and Magic trotting around in their cartoony way, and listening to White Zombie makes the main character from Flashback dance, dance! before my eyes. Mezzanine by Massive Attack is my Quake song, and I see hordes of Hydralisks whenever I hear Protection.
Also, cream is not for me any longer, as I ate slightly too much while ill ill ill with a fever a few years back. Same goes for dried banana flakes, which I loved more than life itself until I went on a roadtrip, while delerious, while eating a bag of them, when I was about 6, but I'm slowly recovering from that trauma, 13 years later.