I was lying in bed with my arms around a naked girl, I don't know who. She started singing quietly, hauntingly, I felt her back vibrating. I start singing too, deeper. The note grounded the melody and I could feel us both vibrating, like a physical sort of harmony.

Later, we are making love. I can taste the sweat on her skin.

Later still Pat is showing me a flyer he's put together trying to explain why people don't need to cause so much pain. It says "I remember when I lived in Australia, and I would spend all day handing out flyers, trying to get a message across to people who didn't want to hear. And then I'd meet some guy witha guitar and we'd just talk for a while, then he would treat me to one of those blistering industrial scarabs..." the guy I saw in my mind was a hippy though, with braided hair and painted guitar.

I woke up thinking that I had found a word for those cool things people do for no reason other than they're nice. Scarabs.