Ok, given. All men are potential rapists, just a definitional fact. Now let's look a little closer at the 'reasoning' that made those women think it was ok to hassle hodgepodge.

"It is ok to hassle any given man, as all men are potential rapists."

They haven't taught us the word for this in Logic B yet, so I'll just ridicule it into submission.

The idea that considering something to be actual just because it exists in potentia is what we in the business call stupid. Here are some other things that are true in potentia:

  • All people are potential murderers.
Hmmm, perhaps I shouldn't have gone with the strongest one first, as now I have nowhere to go on to... still, I planned it this way all along. Note the difference between 'any given man' and 'all men', but only if you really need to, ie. if you think the logical form outlined above is a valid one.