"So I went down to California to visit my friend, and I want... 'cause I wasn't getting any of it up here, and I go to visit him, and he lives on fucken Hollywood Boulevard, right? Man, and I get to his apartment so he's got the bottles out and he's, and all of a sudden SCHLUP-LUP-LUP-LUP and this ... tail goes under these crates and (fuck!) I'm like "What the Hell is that, man?!" and it turns out my friend had a fucken eleven-foot-long Komodo Dragon living in his apartment. It was so big... big, you couldn't pick it up, man."

"Aren't those an endangered species?"

"Yeah, but it could break your arm with its tail."

Also, on behalf of Zamfir Worshipper, who ain't here:

"I so can't believe you shaved your head! Your hair relates directly to your friends. NO HAIR = NO FRIENDS!