Uniquely inarticulate today. Ooga.


    the beauty of angry women! a braid (can't recall how long since last time...?) so casually granted I wasn't aware of it until its completion. foot touching. Decalogue start (computer as a false idol? Works for me!). Collaborative comic book back in my possession after forever and, like the Saragossa Manuscript, it's stopped splintering and is in fact beginning to reconsolidate with the base narrative.
    unexpectedly heard myself on the radio (what a way to wake up!). flaming coffee (literally - kaluha, grand marigner, brandy, controlled explosions and towers of flame from the insta-caramelized sugar), mole sauce too. the two most involved sins - thou shalt not kill and adultery, sleep on the carpet with two bodies and a window open. All that and Minusland!
tonight: E observations: I've received more negnvoting in the last three days than in, say, any given previous three-month period. Did I just start severely sucking, or have I suddenly acquired some enemies from somewhere? The latter sounds paranoid, but more often than not, it's hidden nodes that are being voted down.

It takes me about an hour to use up half of my votes. it usually takes me about 6 hours to use up all of them; I imagine the first 50% goes by so quickly because they get invested in the cream of new page of cool or cool archive entries. It's taken -this long- for patterns to emerge and observable? Then I may never grok the migration patterns of water buffalo...

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