A lot has elapsed since my last day log ~ a week ago. Bike fixed (4 pm) and broken again (3 am) within twelve hours; my brother-in-law's manly-equivalent-of-a-baby shower featuring amazingly grilled salmon, Barrett's Privateers, homemade wine, my theory of Brittany Spears as the Uber-SpiceGirl, a great Freudian slip (referring to the dictionary distinction of "male" and "man", letting escape the phrase that a male injected gametes into the female ego) and a well-received reading of Death of a Poet; PlaceboMan's going-away party featuring croquet, a noise complaint, eighteen tabbers in the same place at the same time, tea-candling on the beach, the giant paperclip in Vanier Park and up-all-night fruit salad and croissant breakfast at 6 am. Those are the highlights - the week has had some in the white moments and at least one black afternoon/evening.

At some point I made a note in my notebook: day log: mischarged. What did it mean ? Ask me last Tuesday.

I made a number of Everything observations, and some Everythinging observations as well. As I approached the Godhead event horizon, I, unwilling to slow down my activity, decided to hobble myself by withdrawing from all future New Nodes list appearances. I would only exist in the database in the past tense - furthering some activity I had been engaging in of beefing up old E1 writeups. I felt that it would be appropriate for a God(head) to be present everywhere but directly witnessed nowhere, and thus would step up the noding activity for posterity, writing purely free from the concerns of eyes of a present-day audience and attaining some degree of abstraction. After starting my covert actions I found that the nodes I was writing were getting down-voted soon after being posted. This could be no mere drive-by as they weren't visible on the new nodes listing. Asamoth suggested that perhaps I had accrued some Everything Enemies. I, for one was scandalized.

Furthering my scandalization was the discovery that my Godhead was not to be realized! Though it was listed on the XP / Experience table, upon attainment of its qualifications the anticipated level-up failed to occur. This was odd. Odder yet was the discovery that dbrown is listed as a level 11 Godhead - presumably he must be hardcoded as such. Maybe this will be fixed by the time I am joined by another of the requisite qualifications, that we might form a pantheon. For the record, Shanoyu gets the dubious honour of having awarded me my 13 thousandth XP point through a Ching!.

I was contemplating taking an Everything Vacation upon the attainment of Godhead - some people saw my disappearance from the New Nodes listing, cross-checked it with my present user profile pic and thought that I had made good on my promise and ascended. But as the expression goes, only the good die young - it seems I am fated to be Everything's equivalent to Wordsworth, and will no doubt remain making Everything Bowel Movement logs here deep into my senility while everyone's grandchildren will have moved on to Everything 15.

I now have 50 writeups above reputation 11. Some time not too long ago I was heard to make the same observation for writeups above reputation 10. If I had kept track of when, I could have made amusing little statistics for me to cluck at and which might allow me to make pseudo-statistical predictions as to when I will attain 50 writeups over reputation 12 (any day now, say the boys in the lab.) For lack of information to process, I am digesting random strings of numbers and assigning them significance. For god's sake, man, read a book or something!

In the meantime I had a giggle when I noticed that things I find sexy and things I am ashamed of were next to each other in my reputation-ranked user list. They are no longer so. Since my last day log entry (oddly also my highest-ranked one), I have written 15 writeups and have gained over 500 XP. There has not been a direct corellation, but I have noticed strangely that every time I log on something of mine is to be found in the Cool Nodes list on the front page.

This day log is a great disappointment to me, not only in the company of my most-recent predecessor but objectively (and let us not get into that debate again 8). There are enough important things without my needing to assign significance to further instances of butterfly-flappings. I think I should get some sleep. I think I should wash some dishes. But what do I -want- to do?

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