To a follower of Charles Fort, the word "ghoul" has taken on a new meaning, describing a physical location intractably and inexplicably linked to a foreboding electric charge of dread in anyone who passes through it.

While a graveyard, court of law, mall, bomb shelter, the scene of a crime or the projects might produce a sense of fear, squeam, heebie-jeebies, nausea or dread, these are usually explainable (if not with logic - we understand rationally that corpses won't climb out of graves - then contextually) and thus are discounted from falling under this category. A ghoul could be something as simple as a glade in a forest, an intersection or a patch of sidewalk with grass poking through that just makes you shudder for no comprehensible reason when you pass near it.

While psychotherapy might unearth (or implant) "forgotten" childhood memories motivating these feelings of brrr!, it's unlikely a true Fortean skeptic would allow themselves to come anywhere near a psychologist's couch.