Darklock and I are two blocks up Granville, by ArArAt, lobbing napalm grenades with catapult-like strength at Thext on the bridge who is ostensibly trying to catch them and throw them back up here, at Darklock's (non-existent) car.

Only problem is that our aim was atrocious and only something like 2% of them made it anywhere near thext, for him to lob back and likewise miss.

We did cause a great deal of collateral damage (property only - it was 4 am and there was no traffic in the area) and eventually the police showed up. Thext scattered while Darklock and I jumped in his pristine vehicle and drove away - straight towards them. As we got near, a female police officer began making inane small-talk-interrogation with Darklock - Do you know what day it is? How big are your shoes? In what direction are you heading? - he slowed down to avoid mowing down the cop, but then sneakily drove past them the way they came!

Regrettably, I woke up before the chase, a favorite part of past dreams with pukesick.

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