The first part involved the impregnation (by me) of some goddess, a mortal-immortal coupling that came around once every couple of thousand years. We never quite got around to the holy act, but the divinity made several brief presentations portraying everything from why it was to be done to the exact mechanics. This all made my randy female friends, for whom there was no stud-god equivalent, quite jealous.

I imagine this was brought on by strange pre-sleep contemplations of the nature of the Immaculate Conception, though there really wasn't anything immaculate about this (except for the fact that it hadn't happened. ... or had it?)

The second part of the dream involved me rescuing the randy friend's lovebird Maxwell from a flash-flood, and an ex-roommate refusing to hold it while I went back for the hamster. Bloody sod. (and that really is the worst kind of sod.)

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