Very sad. For whatever reason I have to transport both Maxwell the lovebird and a much larger, unknown-to-me parrot between locations involving an elevator and a station wagon. Needless to say, at some point in the process both birds escape one at a time, but they are recovered in various stages; first Maxwell alights on my familiar finger but jets off when we start moving him back to the cage, the parrot is regained somehow. Maxwell eventually takes another rest on my finger and we manage to catch him tight.

Unfortunately some part of this process has rendered one of the birds' cages unusable and both birds are forced to be transported in the same cage. The big parrot is considerably less friendly than Maxwell and while we transport them in the back of the station wagon it rearranges Maxwell's face with its beak. By the time we arrive at their destination I turn around to be back seat to find that Maxwell's eyes are now located beneath his beak.

How will I explain this to his owner when she returns?

Shortly after I awaken, I turn on the radio to CiTR to hear that two girls on Pacific boulevard have lost a parrot. Having just spent all night engaged in similar endeavours, I sympathize deeply. Very sad. Very, very sad.

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