Vancouver-area promoter (he put the "Mighty" in "The Mighty Niagra", the "oor" in "The Side Door", and the Granville Beach Theatre on Granville - after putting the beach there!) and gonzo journalist, onetime foreign affairs correspondant for Terminal City, Canadian citizen-in-exile (after his grow operation got busted), gadfly and freelance writer for The Stranger, The National Post and The Georgia Straight.

Most well-known for his appropriation of Rhino Party ethos / imagery (respun for BC's landscape as the Gnu Democratic Rhino Party) and assorted pranks on Vancouver civic elections - every time one comes around, in the spirit of T. Raax and Mr. Peanut, he legally changes his name and runs: the last few times, as Sa Tan (see also: The night I met Satan), Ronald Fucking McDonald and Snuffy the Rat. The closest he's ever come was 10% of the vote, which is a lot for a protest vote.

More significantly, he and his Terminal City cohorts promised to buy a pitcher of beer for anyone who ran for office, which at the time was free, resulting in oodles (among them "Barb E. Doll", "Yummy Girl" and "Zippy the Circus Chimp") of "bogus" candidates (relative to "serious" career politicians) appearing on the ballots that year.