A manner of cinematic death - the eyes suddenly widen, the head turns, the body gives out a final breath.

No sudden blood at the mouth, no slackening of the sphincters, no visible wounds... as you can no doubt guess, this can be a very disappointing sort of death (especially if you have been rooting for the expiration of the irritating character who it occurs to) and is only really surpassed by the off-screen death (James - I know you're not gonna like it, but while you were in that car chase and nailin' that reporter woman - little Billy kicked it!) in dissatisfaction.

Of course, the mere notion of getting satisfaction from death is morbid to say the least, but in this post-Pulp Fiction-world audiences have shown not only that they are willing to laugh at death but the uglier the better!

A Bonanza-death is fitting for a children's movie, and if you are unfortunate enough to experience a death in real-life you may hope to avoid any more psychological trauma than entirely necessary that it is a Bonanza-death.

This is named, of course, after the TV show Bonanza - or rather, the means whereby characters on that show kicked the bucket.