Highlights of the past three days:
    * Made the trek up to school (an hour in transit) for registration but because the archaic arena-style signup chewed the first 20 minutes out of the class I also had scheduled that morning I (after lurking to hear when the teacher was lecturing on - my god, they're only on Locke? I haven't missed much...) skipped the rest of it. Retroactive analysis: I went to school not to go to school, but merely to arrange to have more school to go to.

    * Convinced a new friend that along with goat chese and eggplant one of the salient components of the salacious Lebanese cuisine we would be consuming later that night was mugwump cum. In true monkey fondulator style, instead of doing a double-take they asked me to elaborate on the composition of that latter ingredient and I hunted down an online clip of the relevant bit of Interzone to first-handedly cite from. I think she was seriously offended. ...excellent.

    * I am a sentimental fool; I want to say the worst kind of fool but truthfully both the militant fool and the malicious fool are worse - and of course as far as sentimental people go, foolishness is a prerequisite. Sentiment dictates that you give people you love gifts redolent with symbolic meaning, even if they don't love you back in that way. Should you find yourself helping them move some time later, sentiment flares again seeing the less-than-a-year-ago gift being put in a box for goodwill. To head off further stupid symbolism, the silent recovery of the gift is a necessity and now I'm stuck with it, no less symbolic once more in my hot little hands. Sigh. Anyone out there want a copy of Chester Brown's comic-book oeuvre I Never Liked You?

Things that went away by themselves came back by themselves; not turning my computer monitor off resolved the symptom of its often-not-turning-back-on-without-being-swatted, but apparently did little to remedy the underlying problems in the stately piece of hardware.

How to know when it's time to replace a computer component: What's that burning smell?

Forays from this firewall/dumb terminal aside, I'm on effective Everything vacation until I get a new monitor. Pseudo_lntellectual, now's your chance to make your ploy for power!

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