Sunset Grille is located in Hillsboro Village in Nashville. It is owned by Randy Rayburn. The restaurant has been a consistant hot spot in Nashvegas for a decade - a rarity in the ever changing culinary soap opera that Nashville suffers through. The bartenders are amazing. The two staples behind the bar are Mark and Trish. The wait staff are a close knit team that work and play together. (Rumor has it that a certain female staff member has a certain Toilet Photo Album.) The kitchen staff provides the energy and the humor and the managers and hostesses try to keep the insanity that looms in check.

And the food? Well, they are constantly being voted as Nashville's Favorite Restaurant. They have a great variety of American cuisine. Steaks, oysters, fabulous soups and amazing desserts. Here's my favourite part - the wine list! It's excellent. Of course, I am biased - but I am not alone. If you are not sure what to order - ask for Mark Johnson, the resident Nose and he'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

A trip to the bar will serve as a microcosm representation of Nashvegas. A normal gathering incudes the middle aged crowd of music industry people and a younger set of up-and-comers. Everyone laughs and interacts and flirts in a truly Nashville way.

Then the Late Night Menu comes on - and the place explodes into a hang out. The patio fills up and the bar overflows and Sunset earns it's reputation as one of the three corners of the infamous Nashvegas Vodka Triangle.