One of hardest things when becoming a vegetarian is making sure you get enough protein. Protein is made up of amino acids. Most of the 20 plus amino acids can be made by your body but for 8 of them, the essential amino acids, your body must depend on your diet. This is where new vegetarians can get into trouble because the easiest way of providing your body with these amino acids is through meat, which is no longer an option. If you combine your foods properly it is possible to get all the essential amino acids and not have to kill anybody. An example of combining the protein in plant foods to cover all your bases is something like legumes (dried beans) and rice. Another easy one is peanut butter and whole wheat. The beans cover one side and the rice covers the other side. If you really want to be vegetarian you have to figure out which foods provide which essential amino acids and then combine them. It takes work but there are lots of vegetarian cook books and websites that will help. As a side note if your pre pubescent or in the midst of puberty its probably better to continue eating the eggs of other animals because they are such excellent sources of protein as well as vitamins and minerals. Remember to eat different things and not get stuck eating the same food. If you’re to lazy to research and you still want to be a vegetarian the easiest rule is the one I mentioned above about mixing beans and rice (go for rice that has not been refined and had its fiber taken away). Make sure you get your protein or else you will get sick and tired. Any other ideas for getting all the proper protein would be much appreciated :)