Peripheral neuropathy is not a disease, rather, it's a symptom of damaged peripheral nerves (Peripheral nerves being the nerves that are not in your Central Nervous System). When these nerves are damaged your Central Nervous System can't communicate properly with that part of your body. You get weird feelings of numbness and pain. A complete lack of feeling or incorrect sense of the position of the affected area. Depending on which nerves are damaged there are different symptoms. Since there isn't as much nervous system stimulation parts of the body can begin to atrophy. The scariest part of this to me is that your autonomic nervous system can be affected by neuropathy so that internal organs no longer funtion properly.

There are many causes of peripheral neuropathy. Including various degenerative hereditary nervous system disorders, AIDS and HIV and various blood related diseases as well as various cancers. The other way of developing this condition is through solvent abuse and alcoholism as well as other drugs (both legal and illegal) that hurt your nerves.