Whether you are smart(?) or stupid(?) your thought processes are limited by your language and experience, or the symbols you have associated with your history. None of which have any value(?) beyond the value given to them.  The smarter you are, or the more you take in and analyze and associate with previous analysis, the more you are filled with subjective constructs based on nothing but what you make up, or have agreed to believe what someone else made up. This makes things seem empty and valueless whenever you stop and try and take it in and associate a meaningful feeling like success or love to the variables within day to day life or your overall perception of life. This is made worse by the information overload that is occurring as we move through the beginning of the information age.

Reading this a couple years after I wrote it I think that all I was talking about was a sort of nihilism that seems more likely to occur with people who bother to analyze the creation of meaning. This was not supposed to link chemical imbalance to cognitive ability.