The nice record lable guy came by three times for me twice when I was out adn once when I was mad stoned and should not have answered the door but he said "Bad time" and I said "Yes", even though I was dieing to know what he wanted, and he took off with a smile. So I went to see him Saturday. I got to see his in progress studio (all the equipment was old but he had mastering equipment and a big board so I was impressed (he also had the Casio 1o1 or something that was the first polyphonic keyboard synth so the equipment geek in me was asking questions and he was like I really dont play with the gear anymore, im to busy. thats his line, im busy, whihc is probably true) and he showed me how he is going to build the room for the singers and that kind of stuff. He has a studio here and one in Barbados and helps run a lable in England/Europe. So he has heard a tiny bit of my stuff and whatnot and we start chatting and he starts talking about how he has more production work then he can handle and wether I could do that kind of work. We are sitting in this studio and he is trying to gauge me and Im like focusing on the best way to come off but I went a little to honest into kind of self doubting.. maybe .. a bit. So we chat and he ask me if Im intrested and Im like for sure. Things are going good and he starts talking about what I would need to be able to do and how is my arranging. My arranging is pure garbage. So i say its what I work on the most. Then out comes the reggae christmas album and he tells me what I have to do which is make two carribean style christmas instrumental tracks by friday. That will be tough I chuckle but I will bust my ass and get it done I tell him. If its good he will put it on the compliation they put out every year from the barbados album. Now I knew he ran a caribbean lable that did this but I also knew he did garage and house and thats kind of what I was hoping for. I know this will happen for me through him if I can first prove that I can do anything by making a chessy reggae christmas track. I know its a test and maybe he is desperate for a christmas track but anyway you look at it its another break for that I cant blow. Im very far away from making a Carribean Christmas track, I have no idea how to do this. I will have to call in sick this week. Things are good otherwise, the aparments good and Im so in love with Monika. k,.