The MLF is about working towards an equal society. It's an equalist movement that respects the fact that many thousands of years ago, when agriculture was becoming dominant, society was a Matriarchy (women wore the pants), and the men, now useless hunters, were oppressed by their farming wives. If the men were barren or unable to go down well they were outcasts from society. This lasted for many thousands of years and if women think that the rise of male dominated monotheistic religions and a few thousands of years of us finally getting a few shots in is going to make up for the disgusting and inexcusable treatment we recieved in the fields of the Fertile Crescent, then they are sadly mistaken.

My father told me this as his father told him and his father before him. We may have won but we will not forget our brothers and the mockery they faced. Burn your condoms, Take Back The Penis and Long Live the Revolution.