The sampler is the most dynamic instrument/music tool to ever come out. It's not used simply for sampling beats and cutting them up or stealing hooks from other songs. It's also used by classical composers to test the orchestration of their pieces while composing, something nearly impossible before. It is used by musicians to record into, instead of on to tape or a hard disk, in order to have greater freedom in the manipulation of the music they are creating with organic instruments. It is used by the theater industry for sound effects and music. Finally, the sampler has created a whole new class of musician producer that have full control over their sound.

That's the defence of its usefullness, on the blood and sweat tip I think it may come down to taste. However, if you're a jazz fan then I can't imagine not being moved by a Clifford Gilberto or an Amon Tobin who sample and twist great jazz musicians in challenging and innovative ways that sound like real bands until it becomes apparent that that would be impossible. What they do is really hard and sounds really good. It should also be noted that you can play a sampler with midi devices like a keyboard, guitar or even flute. The sampler is a beautiful beast dont kill it, worship it.