I just finished my last morning server checks for my bank. Just over two years ago I started this mission and now it is over and it all worked out. In ten days I will be on my bike (not to mention how in ten hours I will be on the bus heading to HOT DAMN! An E2 gathering in Ohio?!?!!) cruising around Nova Scotia camping on the red beaches and walking into the ocean when the tide is out. Then on to Newfoundland for bikeless hiking and camping. I am bringing Ruben Fines Basic Endgames in Chess and will return (where I think I am returning to im not sure) a master of my endgame. no more guessing or trying to figure it out, it will finally be the perfect system it should be. My boss took me out for lunch a couple days ago and bought me three beers (which is weird, one beer not weird, but three?) and then started to pick my brains about my coworkers. I so tired of the scum. Of the polite nice working enviroment. They keep telling me I can comeback, everyday they say it, but I dont like these computers anymore. I want to weld giant fire sculptures and build simple little machines. I still haven't found a industrial space in toronto yet. is this a good thing?

J__ is still withdrawn. Matthew is coming back from australia soon. Craig is liking his job. The one with no soul is my buddy again. Monika and I are ticking along. What will I do when I am done biking? Where will I live? I am homeless and unemployed with money in the bank. heheheehehe yipperrreee.