• Jellyfish are not fish they are known as Cnidarians
  • Jellies do not possess a true brain. Instead, they get by with a nerve net
  • The tentacles of jellies can trail as long as 100 feet in length
  • All jellies have the ability to sting
  • If you are stung avoid rinsing with freshwater, as that tends to discharge the unfired nematocysts and cause further irritation

Now the really cool stuff

  • Some jellies, not just freak jellies either, are seven feet long
  • All jellies are carnivores and eat fish or other marine creatures- often plankton. They do not actively seek prey or hunt, but rather passively catch prey as it drifts by. Using the nematocysts on their tentacles, they are able to stun or kill food. The food is then brought to the mouth and digestive cavity
  • A jellyfish sting can cause death in two minutes. And many many many jellies are very very very dangerous.


WOW eh?