I went into a store. It had a club monaco vibe to it, thick independent shelves sticking out of the wall or independent short pedestals, everything was grey and white and very well folded. It was more expensive then a Club Monaco. I felt a little out of place. I noticed my clothes were the same type as the clothes in the store, maybe a little lower end, but they looked wrinkled and almost slept in. I was looking around and felt conspicuous and whenever there was a break in the sections of shelves assigned to a particular item of clothes there was a staff member standing smiling and somewhat judging. I was at a larger floating island sort of thing in the middle of the store when I bumped into S__ Sing from grade school. She looked the same and was with another woman but the woman she was with never really came into focus. I realized that S__ was a lesbian and that the girl that never really came into focus was a sort of confirmation of this. I was very happy to see S__ and very interested in what she had been up to. She told me she was going to be in the Olympics for Track and Field. Just as I was deriving joy from this bit of information and feeling very fortunate for bumping into her a was asked to leave the store. I don’t remember what or who asked me I just knew that they didn’t want my type just idly chatting in the store. I was enraged. I started screaming and cursing. Talking about how much money I made and who were they these pitiful little store workers to ask me to leave. I kept quoting my salary. S___ was no longer an aspect of the dream. When I got out side the store, after a slow walk out were I cursed and cursed and cursed, I noticed the store was beside a road that was half way up the side of a mountain or large hill. It was a beautiful site and I cant remember, perhaps it kept changing, what the landscape looked like but there was some lush trees at some point and some high grasslands at others. I began walking down the street and thinking about what had just happened. I realized I had to walk up the street not down it and that I had to turn around. I didn’t walk in front of the store though. So I got of the road and started walking down the side of the hill so I could loop around. At this point it get blurry. I remember being chased by two things that im remembering now as blackish dogs. I remember after I got off the road I knew where I was going and why but now I cant remember.