I was in the bed I slept in as a kid. I was aware of Monika beside me. A cat was slashing at me violently under the covers. I was awoken by the cat attacking me and was confused. The dream kept doing close ups of this unseen cats exageratted claws while it went at me. I understood this cat to be orange. Eventually I got my bearings and began to fight off the cat but it was a struggle. Finally I got out of bed and was like what the fuck is going on I don't have a cat. I walked down the stairs of my parents old house were I grew up. I noticed a black Lamborghini in the driveway and saw my parents in the kitchen with two people. It was a still shot of the four of them. At some point in the dream, in a sort of hushed manner, the knowledge that the cats your fathers, he's depressed these days was spoken to me by mother or I realized it, I cant remeber which.