The companion object, dubbed the Saturn Like Object (SLO) because it looked like saturn, was discovered by Chuck Shramek on November 14th 1996 and he spoke about it on the Art Bell radio show causing a whole bunch of controversy. While some claim it was something fantastic like a spaceship many feel it was and still is the star named SAO 141894. After Shramek began publicizing his discovery other companion objects stories began popping up many of which were complete frauds.

"People are freaked out, obviously. Hey, the new millennium is almost here, and at forty-five degrees, the sky will burn. That's what Nostradamus said in quatrain VI-97, right? Hale-Bopp will hit its perihelion in April '97 in the Northern sky at 45 degrees geographic latitude. And it'll be making the rounds in our part of the solar system around the same time Nostradamus scheduled ...the Apocalypse. An ominous coincidence, certainly." - Charles Overbeck