Minutes of the
Sunsets, Swimmers, Soirees and Somnambulism.
A mid autumn Sydney descent into hedonism
Noders' Meeting

Sunday, 13 April 2003

Attendees: Sneff (Chair), Anjum, Bexxta, Blakjak, ChiliDog, copious amounts of alcohol, Freaek, Inoshiro_K, Jeren, Kalen, Nightjar, Odette, Orpheum, PowderedTOASTman, Proquar, Sapia, Simonc, Taliesin's Muse, Tres Equis, VirtualWolf.

Apologies: See above

Meeting commenced: 1:00pm

  1. Ice breaking. The meeting began and there was much ice that needed breaking. Of course, there was the very fratty, but literal ice in the laundry sink (Actioned: Simonc). But there was much figurative ice to be broken. Discussions based on noding and favourites followed. Ice breaking continued to be an issue of the meeting, and was found to be helped by the lubrication of various liquids, including red wine, beer and Tequila (Actioned: all attendees).
  2. Photography. (Actioned Simonc)
  3. First Course. The table was prepared with Lebanese Sushi a la Simonc, hommus, baba ganoush, pickled garlic, tomato relish, Laksa in a spring roll (Actioned: Simonc, Sneff, Proquar, VirtualWolf).
    Chipolati made by modified by Sneff, Thai chicken and flatbread were barbecued (Actioned: Simonc).
  4. A new cuisine was born. Owing greatly to the creative skills of Simonc. The cry: Long live Lebanese sushi!! was given loud and long.
  5. Subcommittees. The forming, and reforming of subcommittees was required to discuss various issues: state of play, historical data, the movers and shakers, current issues and so forth. Records for most of the subcommittee findings are located elsewhere.
  6. Second Course. Second course was served (Actioned: Sneff, Bexxta): Sticky toffee pudding (Actioned: Sneff), Sara Lee ice cream (Actioned: Simonc) and cream cheese brownies (Actioned: Proquar).
  7. A sponsorship of Sneff Listening to mock duck in its tin (To be actioned: Freaek, Proquar) including nodeshelling (To be actioned: Tres Equis).
  8. Security. Code word "101" was to be used for assistance required in ejecting any 'undesirables' (Actioned: Nightjar). The Deputy Security Officer position was rejected, as the said officer was the cause of most 101's.
  9. The kissing lesson. (Actioned: names are withheld to protect the somewhat innocent).
  10. Meeting outcomes: Consensus reached that a fabulous event had been orchestrated by Sneff.

Meeting concluded: 5:00am

Distribution List: Minutes will be kept on E2 database.