Dirquar's 6-month birthday

My Thoughts: I never understood what motherhood would mean. I understand, that we've probably done the easiest bit... but then I suspect each age has its own dilemmas and problems. What has come as a wonderful surprise was just how rewarding life would be with the Dirqster. I always knew life would never be the same; that I would have to sacrifice things. What I did not understand was the full-timeness of it. I had always believed that SAHMs were considerably undervalued in our culture. And even if you leave your baby with someone for a couple of hours (and this is the longest stretch of holiday time you get in this job), your still constantly thinking about his development and well-being. There is no break from being a mother, but then there is no reward like it either.
I don't think you can understand that until you've had them. But if you don't have kids, that's ok - just help support those around you who do. I would support fundraising efforts of local schools, not having kids myself. But now I realise that children are our future. That's what life is all about. Profit is meaningless without a future.

Dirquar's thoughts:
m m bg vv 0 j9m nm mj, m n bbbv bb bb nbb h h s c zxx3 c f d
Trust me, I'm the most qualified to interpret this I think he has forgotten the womb. (I meant to keep reminding him of it, so when he could talk he could tell me about it, but there was enough other stuff going on, and this experiment would have taken more energy to complete than I had available.)
He likes his mum (and I like that). He likes his Papa (that's amazingly handy). He likes everyone in his family, especially his older cousins. He likes the people in the street and the supermarket. Oh, he likes EVERYBODY. (He has such a nice nature.)
And he LUUuuuuurves the baby in the mirror. Lucky thing too, because that baby is just about everywhere we go!

Dirquar's checklist: Dirquie rolls over. He can crawl, although not too far - and only recently he started going forwards! He holds things.
He smiles and laughs. Laughing is just the best! Things that make him laugh include tickles (from this little piggy goes to market (and the 'wee-wee-wee-wee' tickles go all over his little body, not just his barefeet) or round and round the garden or just plain tickles), people pulling funny faces (if he's in the mood) and various versions of peek-a-boo.
He is still primarily breastfed. Although he has munched on pumpkin, peas, carrot sticks, banana (he preferred it unmashed) and baby corn. He loves to drink water - especially from Mum's glass, but he will drink it from a bottle. Occasionally Mum plays bridge - and then he gets expressed milk from a bottle. He holds the bottle himself to feed/drink.
He likes to swim. Although he has a phobia of waves. I'm assuming that at a certain moment he will overcome that - after all time is on his side.
Dirquar has no teeth (I believe that comes from his Papa side - his paternal cousin had only 2 teeth at 12 months old). He weighs an estimated 7.5kg (16 and a half pounds), and is about 70cm (28") long.
Importantly, he says "Mumumumum". Unfortunately, his language skills seem to have stagnated - as this one word seems to solve pretty much all his problems. And if it doesn't - there is always the crying. Fortunately, this is not too common.
Dirquar usually wakes up for a feed once in the middle of the night. Occasionally, he wakes up for two feeds. And those blessed of evenings, when you go to sleep at night, and wake up for the first time after the sun has risen.

Happy Birthday, Dirquar!!

The Debutante says: Big hugs and kisses, for you all :-)
heppigirl says : (Dirquar) is the most gorgeous wee boy I've ever met *feels all gooey*. I'm glad he's sorted out the forwards thing ;)