I was driving to TAFE this morning, with not much sleep. Anyways, I'm stopped at some traffic lights at Sutherland, and next to me this ute from Queensland starts creeping very close to the car in front of it.

You know, I hate it when trucks move intimidatingly close to the car in front. Of course, usually it is a bigger truck, but I still don't like it.

The ute kept creeping forward and bumped the car in front.

Oh, now that can't be good... Let's see how friendly they exchange details.

Instead, the ute driver gave the car in front the bird.

OK. I didn't expect that. But I guess there's no damage...


Uh oh. Surely, there'll be some sort of serious road rage incident here.

The guy in the car (*BUMP*) showed little interest in the ute, and then I saw the pivotal point: the guy in the car was on his mobile.


The phone-user raised his hand in question and anger. The ute driver responded: *BUMP*,*BUMP*

And so it went on, until the lights changed to green: bump, talk, bump, talk, talk, talk, bump, bump, talk, bump.

They drove off, and I waited to get the number plates (I'm a bit of a sticky beak). And do you know, the ute's number plate was: ###.EDB.

I hate stories with no end, but I'm afraid, I followed the two vehicles until they turned off into a public swimming pool parking lot. I suspect it got even more grumpy. Maybe the local newspaper will have more information on it. I'll get back to you.