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Momus, also spelled Momos, is the son of [Nyx], goddess of [night], and twin brother of [Oizys], goddess of [pain]. The [personification] of [mockery], [blame], [ridicule], [scorn], [raillery] and [stinging criticism], Momus did his job too well, and was expelled from [Olympos].

"And again the goddess murky Nyx, though she lay with none, bare Momos." - [Theogony] 214-215

"But Momos ([Blame]) – let him go where [Phthonos] ([Envy]) dwells!” –[Callimachus], [Hymn II to Apollon] 105

"According to an old [legend], the first [man] was made by [Zeus], the first [bull] by [Poseidon], and the first house by [Athene]. On the completion of their [labors], a dispute arose as to which had made the most [perfect] work. They agreed to appoint Momos as [judge], and to abide by his decision. Momos, however, being very [envious] of the [handicraft] of each, found fault with all. He first blamed the work of Poseidon because he had not made the horns of the bull below his eyes, so he might better see where to [strike]. He then condemned the work of Zeus, because he had not placed the heart of man on the outside, that everyone might read the [thoughts] of the [evil] disposed and take precautions against the intended [mischief]. And, lastly, he inveighed against Athene because she had not contrived [iron wheels] in the [foundation] of her house, so its [inhabitants] might more easily remove if a [neighbor] proved unpleasant. Zeus, [indignant] at such [inveterate] faultfinding, drove him from his office of judge, and expelled him from the [mansions] of [Olympos]." -[Aesop's Fables] 59

Momus' siblings are: [Cer], [Thanatos], [Hypnos], [Oneiros], [Moros], [Nemesis], [Oizys], [Apate], [Philotes], [Geras], [Eris], as well as the three [Fates]: [Clotho], [Laechisis], [Atropos].

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