If you want to learn how to juggle, you will need a set of juggling balls. Of course you could use any type of balls, but most types are too bouncy. That is definitely an issue when you are a beginner, since you will spend quite some time picking balls off the floor. Some people learn juggling with silk handkerchiefs, but the "catch" of these is quite different than catching balls, or chainsaws.

You can buy nice sets of juggling balls, but they tend to be pricy. Alternatively, you can make your own set. If you have a drawer filled with old, non-matching socks (who doesn't have the problem of the ever vanishing socks?), you could turn these into nice juggling balls. Just cut off the bottom part of the socks, fill it with uncooked rice or dry beans, and stitch it up. You can make light ones, or heavier ones for a good workout. Not washing the socks prior to assembly personalizes your juggling kit, and has the added advantage that no one will steal your juggling balls.

For a fancier set of juggling balls, take a piece of stiff fabric. Old jeans will do. using the following pattern, you can make nice tetrahedral juggling balls. Just fold and stitch up the edges.

    /  \
  /\    /\
 /  \  /  \

These hand made juggling balls are easy for learning juggling, since they are a bit squishy, and allow for not-perfect catches. Once you've mastered the basic juggle, try juggling harder balls. I find lacrosse balls to be the ideal size and weight.